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WEEK 4  WRAP-UP from Umpire ‘Coach Kat’.

WHAT A SUPER DAY we had on Sat 21  May, playing every single game against wet weather odds.
THANK YOU to all who jumped in to sweep and squeegie the wet courts, including ESCPSNA President Sheree and Secretary Alison.

The WEEK 1 re-scheduled Opens game went ahead, and due to half time rain cancellation, we averaged out the points for a full game to be fair. WEEK 5 Opens games will be the last before DIV 1 and DIV 2 is announced.
If rain cancels Week 5 Opens games, then they will be re-scheduled for Sat 4 June.

I have been asked many times if Coaches should start to choose specific positions in year 3.
 Year 3 is still modified rules because children ARE STILL YOUNG. I would recommend that if a child wants to play a certain position, then they should be able to play that position several times no matter the height/size of the player.
eg: Place a tiny shooter with a tall shooter. Place a tiny defence with a tall defence. Place a super fast C with a slow WA. That way, you can juggle their requests, balance heights & all players feel important.

WEARING JEWELLERY is a NO. Studs with bandaids are a NO. This is a Netball Aust Rule found in the Rule Book and our net-set-go Rules. Players usually remove the studs for the 40 mins and then replace after sanitising.

SANDY COURTS?: If you see sand gathering on a court, please come and let Desk Officer know. Or borrow our large brooms from the storeroom.

ESCPSNA & KATch JULY School Holiday workshops. Bookings now open on www.katchnetball.com.au


Game dates for 2022 Competition:

Round Date
1 30-Apr-22
2 07-May-22
3 14-May-22
4 21-May-22
5 28-May-22
6 04-Jun-22
 Long Weekend 11-Jun-22
7 18-Jun-22
8 25-Jun-22
 School Hols 02-Jul-22
 School Hols 09-Jul-22
 School Hols 16-Jul-22
9 23-Jul-22
10 30-Jul-22
11 06-Aug-22
12 13-Aug-22
13 20-Aug-22
14 27-Aug-22
15 03-Sep-22
16 10-Sep-22
17 17-Sep-22

ESCPSNA 2022 – Table Duty and Round dates

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