COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


Posted: 7 July

As per the NSW Government Public Health Order and advice from the NSW Office of Sport all netball activity (including any training and competitions) in Greater Sydney must now cease until further notice.



Updated: 19 April 2021

We all need to be vigilant and adhere to all the NSW Health COVID-19 Safety rules. We are required to follow COVID safety rules as per our COVID Safety Plan including adhering to the 2 square metre rule and social distancing.

All ESCPSNA member schools must appoint their own COVID Safety Officer who will oversee all COVID-19 Safety requirements for their teams during any netball related activity.

Please take note of the following. It will be the responsibility of the School COVID Safety Officer to make sure all coaches, managers, parents/carers, and players from their school understand them.

  • All attendance (players and parents/carers) must be recorded electronically. ESCPSNA requires all attendees to sign in with our QR code via the Service NSW COVIDSafe app. Our QR code will be displayed around the courts, at the timekeeper’s table, table duty, and on the scorecard clipboard for easy access. This will assist with contact tracing if the need arises.
  • Do not arrive more than 10-minutes prior to the game.
  • Anyone who is unwell must not attend the competition.
  • Only coaches, managers, and substitute players allowed in the court vicinity.
  • No parent/carers allowed within the fenced area of the top courts.
  • Parents/carers should keep well back from the lower courts.
  • Avoid unnecessary body contact, for example, no handshaking or high fives
  • All teams are requested to move off the court directly after their game to allow for the next teams to enter
  • Parents/carers are requested to leave with their child immediately after their game – Play and Go philosophy
  • Everyone must adhere to 1.5m physical distancing rules unless they are from the same household
  • Posters will be on display with safety instructions
  • Hand hygiene must be practiced
  • Hand sanitiser must be part of each teams kit but will also be available at the timekeeper’s table
  • No sharing of equipment – all teams to provide their own balls, ball pumps, bibs etc. All equipment should be sanitised before and after use
  • No sharing of food or drinks including half time oranges

The ESCPSNA COVID Safety Plan is available for download if required.