Coaches Code of Conduct

In agreeing to coach a team in the ESCPSNA competition, you are deemed to have read and accepted this Code of Conduct, and you agree to be bound by the rules.

• Remember that children participate for pleasure, and that winning is only part of the fun.

• Ensure your team plays by the rules.

• Do not interfere with the progress of a game; ensure there is space for the umpire to move along the sideline.

• Standing on the baseline is not allowed.

• It is suggested opposing team coaches stand on opposite sidelines when coaching

• It is your responsibility to ensure accountable persons (not children) are scoring, and it is suggested in Opens that team managers stand side by side whilst scoring.

• Respect umpires decisions (even if you do not agree), and reflect this in your conversations with your team.

• Support the efforts of all umpires. Umpires do not have affiliation with teams on the court and ‘call it as they see it’.

• Refrain from arguing with an umpire/official. If you disagree, write on the back of the scorecard in a constructive manner.

• Always act in good faith and with courtesy, and lead by example. Emphasise how your team has improved; list what they did right (instead of only pointing out mistakes).

• Control your coaching ‘volume’ and temper so the Umpires can concentrate and the players can hear the calls.

• Verbal abuse of officials, team members or bystanders is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Repeat offences may result in an expulsion from the game area/competition.