Table Duty Roster

Schools participating in the ESCPSNA competition are each given the opportunity to manage the catering for one week of the Saturday competition. Table Duty provides an opportunity for schools to raise funds for their netball programs and ensures there are snacks and drinks available for sale to players, umpires and spectators.

Kat McGrath, our Umpires Coordinator, arrives at the courts 6.45am to prepare for her day. Please wait till 7am to collect the ESCPSNA BBQ and gazebo. ESCPSNA also provides 1 large esky and 4 trestle tables for your use.

The school in charge of the Table Duty is required to provide ice all day for any on court injuries and is also responsible for rubbish collection at the end of the day.

For food quantity, plan on all 6 courts being in use all day with a total of 48 games over the whole day.
The last games finish at 3.45pm, so please provide enough food to last the entire day. All ESCPSNA equipment including the BBQ must be cleaned before returning it to the storeroom by no later than 4pm. The Table Duty area must be left spotless and make sure that no ice, oil or grease is thrown into the surrounding garden beds.

For further instructions for Schools running Table Duty click here.

The 2020 ESCPSNA Winter Competition has been postponed.

No Table Duty roster will be published at this stage.