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WELCOME TO ESCPSNA – our local school community netball competition

  • Final Playing Week for ESCPSNA season is SAT 16 SEPTEMBER for YR 2/3/4/5.
  • Finals week is SAT 16 SEPTEMBER.  DIV A and DIV B play for a PREMIER position,  2nd Place and #rd place in each division.
  • COME & WATCH SOME GOOD NETBALL. 7.20am start. CLICK HERE for SATURDAY 16 SEPTEMBER Finals Ladder, Courts and Games.
  • UPDATE 4: Ensure ALL PLAYERS arrive at courts with SHORT NAILS. No jewellery. Long hair must be tied back. Only soft – peaked sun visors allowed. No taped earrings are permitted.
  • UPDATE 5: Don’t forget the Umpires are there for your players.  Treat them with respect please.

YEAR 2 & YEAR 3 Modified Netball Games INFORMATION
Click here for
ESCPSNA-NetSetGo-Rules-for-Year-2-Year-3 – 2023
Did you know our Umpires actually help teach the game as they umpire?
You will need a parent to manage positional bibs/ball (size 4).
Coach Kat suggests trying to keep a child in the same position for a half game (if possible)
No jewellery/earrings taped are not permitted.

Click here for: INF-RulesofNetball2020 for YEAR 4, YEAR 5 & OPENS
No jewellery/taped earrings are not permitted.

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER School Holiday ESCPSNA Netball workshops
These holidays, ESCPSNA & KATCH will not run the Sept/Oct workshops,as she is travelling.
KATch workshops will be back end Jan 2024 –  Jan 23/24/25.

2022 Yr 6 OPENS Winners:

DIVISION 1 TEAM PREMIERS 2022, Bondi PS Pandas (image 1).
St Francis Fairies – Minor Premiers 2022

DIVISION 2 TEAM PREMIERS 2022, St Charles Black  (image 2)
St Charles Red – Minor Premiers2022

220917_Pandas-00021       e470366e-ef6b-4a0a-873c-1df286f67510

  ESCPSNA Trophy Logo-resized