ESCPSNA Competition 2024


At least one representative from each school shall be a member of the Committee.
The Committee will meet at least twice during the season at a mutually convenient place.

Executive Committee (these four members should be from different schools if possible)


Other Office Bearers of the Committee

UMPIRES COORDINATOR * – * Non-Voluntary Role


  • When a resolution is required to be passed (or a matter under discussion requires an indication of support) at meetings whereby members are required to vote, each school has one combined voting right irrespective of the number of members representing the said school.


  • Umpires will be recruited by the Umpires Coordinator,  provided they have been offered appropriate training by the Umpires Coordinator.
  • All umpires will attend a pre-season training before the season commences which is organised by Umpires Coordinator.  One session for Regular Rules and one session for Modified Netball rules.
  • The Umpires will be paid a standard rate for game umpiring, with two umpires for each game. An additional amount will be paid to those umpires that arrive for the pre-match day setup.
  • Players, coaches and parents need to be aware that the umpires ruling must not be questioned during play. Should any problem arise, only the coach should speak to the umpire during the breaks, in a fair and polite manner. The Umpires are not affiliated with teams and are calling what they see, without any bias.
  • Positive coaching throughout the game is permitted in all age groups but only by the coach. Coaches are not permitted along the baselines during the game. Coaches will be asked to move if in the way of Umpire’s movements. Sptectators will be warned of too vocal – as umpires need to be heard!


  • The competition consists of teams organised by school grade, i.e: Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 (Opens). Only in the OPENS grade, is a final held.
  • Teams are permitted with a minimum of 7 players.
  • A player may only be registered in one team. If a lower year group player assists their Opens Team; and play three games across the season; they may play in the Finals.
  • Every player in a school team must be a current student at the school the team represents.
  • Each school may register a maximum of 2 teams per age group unless otherwise authorised by the executive committee. It is likely, that 3 teams will be approved.
  • In the case of a school that have extra players in an age group, they may be registered individually with their respective schools and then placed in a combined school team. It will be up to the relevant school representatives to organise any combined teams. The combined team registration NAME, shall be thats of the  school with the most players.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach/manager to enter each player’s first name & surname on the score sheet and sign to confirm that all players are registered. Whatever the circumstances, children not listed as team members will not be allowed to play for that team, unless a child is playing up from a lower year group team (or across) as permitted by these rules (in which case that child’s name and year group should be included on the score sheet).
  • Teams with fewer than 7 players to play a particular game, may play with a minimum of 5 players or forfeit the game. Umpires will allow 2 minutes for the team to source extra players. After two minutes, a forfeit will be called. Normally it is 30 secs; however ESCPSNA has extended to 2 minutes.
  • In the Opens Division only, each player must sign next to her or his name before the commencement of each game and the coach must sign to confirm that all players are registered.
  • Boys – Up to three boys may be registered per team, but only two boys are permitted on the court at any one time and they must be playing in different thirds of the court. This is taken to mean the thirds of the court where GA/GS play in the attacking third, WA/C/WD play in the centre third and GD/GK in the defensive third. So the following combinations are not allowed:- C/WA & C/WD & WA/WD & GS/GA & GK/GD


Players may play up a grade but not down (i.e. Year 4’s may play for a Year 5 team but not a Year 3 team) and the following conditions must be observed:

  • Players within a year group may play across for another team (in the same school year group) as well as play up in all divisions, except in the Opens where players may not play across to another team.
  • Each team may play up to three registered players from the grade below.
  • Players may play a maximum of two games in a single day.


  • OPENS is an exciting year for ESCPSNA players.
  • The first 5 Weeks of Comp, teams play in a random Draw.
  • After that, Points are tallied (with ‘goal totals’ taken into consideration, if there are many equal scores).
  • Teams are then Placed in DIVISION 1 or DIVISION 2 – allowing for a ‘fairer skill level’ Competition. Week 6 begins the start of the Divisional Comp.
  • Both Divisions will compete for a Trophy.
  • Rules for the Opens Division can be found here


This is decided each year by the Committee in consideration of overheads.

  • The Registration Fee for 2024 per player – $150.
  • Active Kids Vouchers will NOT be accepted in 2024.


  • A refund may be given if a child withdraws before the season starts for any non Active Kids Voucher amount.
  • Should a child, or team, withdraw during the season, a refund will only be given at the discretion of the Committee.
  • No new player or team registrations will be taken once the competition has started, except at the discretion of the Committee.


  • Games are held at Waverley Park, Birrell Street, Waverley.
  • The season spans school Term 2 and Term 3. No games are played in the July school holidays or on long weekends.
  • Games are played on Saturdays starting 7:30am and finishing at 4:30pm.
  • The duration of the game to be determined at the time of draw.


  • Absolutely no jewellery, including studs, earrings, watches, cotton bracelets etc. is to be worn by the players. Taping of new ear studs is not permitted.
  • Players hair must be suitably tied back.
  • Fingernails must be short and coaches should check and carry nail clippers.
  • Only soft brimmed hats may be worn.
  • Pole pads will be used.
  • A team First Aid Kit is advised to have on hand, plus team ball pump, sunscreen, nail clippers and game bibs


  • Each member school will be responsible for table duty on a roster basis.
    The school on table duty is responsible for ensuring that the courts and surrounding areas are cleaned up thoroughly during and after games are finished.
  • ESCPSNA provides Table Duty schools with a 3 x 6m marquee, a BBQ, four large trestle tables and a large Gatorade ice chest. All other items, including ice (also used for injuries) will be the responsibility of the school on duty. ESCPSNA items are stored at the Courts. An Executive member will meet schools at 7.10am to advise re erection rules re marquee.


The Control Room is for Umpires and ESCPSNA Committee.  The ESCPSNA Tabel Duty/Time-Keepers’ table contains:

  • Score / Rotation sheets, folders, pens for each game. Please pick-up prior and return after the game.
  • First Aid supplies including zip-lock bags for ice provided by Table Duty.
  • Season Draws
  • Nail Clippers


  • ESCPSNA will apply the Official Rules of Netball, which are updated from time to time and endorsed by Netball Australia.
  • The rules are set out as in the Official Rules of Netball Book, available from Netball Australia, which all coaches should read. Schools should purchase a copy of the current Rule Book (see Netball Australia website).
  • Year 4, 5, & Opens play by the Official Rules of Netball.
  • Year 2 and 3 rules are based on the NetSetGO modified rules:-
    • Umpires will help/teach the children on the court and explain the rules during the game; therefore it is not essential to pay a Saturday Coach. Parents are quite capable of bib-swapping.
    • Use a size 4 ball.
    • Permitted to hold the ball for 5 seconds.
    • A player must defend an opponent from a distance of  1.2 m(4 feet).
    • Strict one-to-one defence will be played.
    • Shuffling on the spot is allowed to gain balance before throwing.
    • Centre pass shall be taken by the team that did not score the last goal.
    • Coaches, parents and managers are not allowed to step onto the court, or place themselves on baselines.
    • Note: for this level it is not about winning.  Hold-off on the constant instructions and allow the players to focus on umpires instructions.
  • Year 2 games are not scored. Score sheets are not used for year 2 and instead Rotation sheets must be completed for each game. Player rotations will be recorded and each player must be given the opportunity to play through all positions during the season to allow them to properly learn the game.


  • It is our desire to play as many games as possible, however, if courts are deemed unsafe due to excessive water, we will place cancellations up on the home page of the website.
  • Cancellations will be made on a ‘block of 2 game basis’.
  • If a game is cancelled after half-time, then the score at half time stands.
  • Regarding Year 6 Opens, if the game has not reached half time, we will endeavour to play make up games.


  • All players will receive a trophy or medal.
  • Scores will be tallied in the Opens division only, with a Grand Final to determine the winner.
  • Extra time will be allocated if a Draw results at the conclusion bell for the Grand Final.
  • The winning team will receive the perpetual ESCPSNA Cup, which will be kept at their school for the coming year.


  • Any complaints must be written on the back of the score sheet in a constructive manner, and handed in after the game. Please include the name, school and contact details of the complainant.
  • All complaints will be reviewed by the Umpires’ Convener and the ESCPSNA Executive Committee, and dealt with accordingly.