Opens Division Rules

Please note the following rules apply to the Year 6 Opens teams.

  • All registered players in the Opens competition must be marked off on the scoresheet. Any casual / occasional / fill-in players must have their name recorded in the space provided on the scoresheet. Fill-in players may not be from another Opens team, Div 1 or Div 2.(must be younger).
  • To clarify “occasional” : Players can only play up into an Opens team (i.e. fill in) up to three times per team per season. If a school has two Opens teams, they can fill-in three times in each team, ie up to 6 games.
  • Only players who are registered in an Opens team at the start of the season can play in the semi-finals and finals for that team.
  • Players can’t register in more than one Opens team, as then they would be “playing across” which is not permitted in the Opens division.
  • The Committee may deduct one point from teams with a player infringement.
  • A Round Robin competition will be played where all teams play each other. If there are more than 14 teams registered, two divisions will be formed after a determining preliminary round of games.
  • A ladder will be kept – A win equates to 2 points, a draw equates to 1 point, a loss equates to 0 points. Goal differences will also be recorded. 
  • Scores must be tallied on the official scoresheet and the final score noted in the space provided at the end of the game. Scores/tally’s that are made on anything other than the official scoresheet will be disregarded. One scorer (adult – no children scoring please) from each team should stand together to score throughout the entire game.
  • If games are cancelled due to wet weather, we will endeavour to play make up games where possible.
  • Finals and play offs will be played in the last week(s) of the competition. The structure of the these finals will be announced mid way through term 3.