Opens Division Rules

Please note the following rules apply to the Year 6 Opens teams.

  • All players registered in Opens teams must have their signature recorded on the Team Registration Form at the beginning of the season.
  • Any player playing in the Opens, needs to sign the scoresheet that day. This includes casual / occasional / fill-in players.
  • To clarify “occasional” : Players can only play up into an Opens team (i.e. fill in) up to three times per team per season. If a club has two Opens teams, they can fill-in three times in each team, ie up to 6 games.
  • Only players who are registered in an Opens team at the start of the season can play in the semi-finals and finals for that team.
  • Players can’t register in more than one Opens team, as then they would be “playing across” which is not permitted in the Opens division.
  • The Committee may deduct one point from teams with a scorecard infringement. This includes incomplete player signatures.
  • A ladder will be kept – A win equates to 2 points, a draw equates to 1 point, a loss equates to 0 points. Goal differences will also be recorded. 
  • A Round Robin competition will be played where all teams play each other. If there are more than 16 teams registered, two divisions will be formed after a determining preliminary round of games.
  • If games are cancelled due to wet weather, we will endeavour to play make up games where possible.
  • Finals and play offs will be played in the last week(s) of the competition. The structure of the these finals will be announced mid way through term 3.

Year 6 Opens Competition 2019

This year we have a record 20 Opens teams registered. In order to keep the competition balanced, it will be run as follows-

Preliminary Round

  • 5 weeks of games will be played
  • A ladder will be kept and scores will be tallied
  • This will be updated weekly on the ESCPSNA website

In case of preliminary round games cancelled due to wet weather, we will endeavour to play make up games in order for the preliminary round to be completed.

Competition Round

  • Two divisions will be formed with 2 new separate ladders, points starting from zero
  • Division 1
  • Division 2
  • All teams will play each other within their division
  • Finals and Play Offs will be played in the last few weeks

In case of competition round games cancelled due to wet weather, we will endeavour to play make up games to complete the competition rounds and lead into the finals and play-offs series.

Finals, Play Offs and Extra Games

  • Semi Finals, Finals, and a Grand Final will be played in the last 3 weeks of the competition for the top 4 teams in each Division.
  • Teams not ranked in the top 4 will continue to play 2 weeks of extra games followed by play offs for their end of season ranking.
  • The winner of the Division 1 Grand Final will be awarded the perpetual ESCPSNA trophy.
  • The winner of the Division 2 Grand Final will also be awarded a trophy.